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Aug 06, 10 | 8:34 pm

Fat People Party

I'm Fat Let's Party

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When you eat as many burgers as I do, you abandon all hope that people will ever call you "skinny" again.

And sometimes, that's OK.

Heck, more than just OK...David Murray from SEIBEI is here to say if you're fat, it's a full on license to party.

Someone tagged a high school picture of me on Facebook awhile back and although I didn't worry about the scale much then, I would betcha $5 that I weighed 100 pounds less then than I weigh now.

That's not to say I'm a circle. Luckily, I got blessed with the 6 foot 3" gene, which makes it easier to spread the party around. Throw on a 2XL or 3XL t-shirt from SEIBEI, and people might even think I'm just "biggish" :)

There are so many reasons why I love this t-shirt. Let me count the ways.

1. I love well done typographic t-shirts.

2. The choice of a red t-shirt color is so awesomely unapologetic

3. He sells it up to size 3XL and DOESN'T charge extra for 3XL like many other sites do. If that's not fat respect, I don't know what is. To go even further, he could get some American Apparel tees up to 5XL from Colossal Clothing.

4. I am indeed fat and I do indeed like to party. I like accurate apparel.

5. It's from the same guy that brought me the Sandwich Dinosaur t-shirt. He already had +2 cool points saved up from that one.

There, that's 5 good reasons (and probably more personal weight information you wanted to know) to go check out SEIBEI's "I'm Fat Let's Party" t-shirt. If I type any more reasons I'll burn enough calories to get down to an XL, and then I'd just be lying when I wore the t-shirt. Nobody wants that.

OH WAIT...there's one more reason why you should check out SEIBEI. There's a special coupon code named in my honor! (those few extra words just bumped me down to an XXL, I hope you're happy)

You too can use the coupon code: RODNEY to get 10% off all your orders at Seibei.com.



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