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Submit a t-shirt and get featured at T-Shirts Reviewed at T-Shirt - a new t-shirt fix everyday

Submit Your T-Shirt to get Featured on our Homepage

Do you have a cool t-shirt design?

Need more exposure for your tees?

By having your t-shirt reviewed on, your design has a chance to be seen by thousands of t-shirt shoppers a month.

To get reviewed, send your size XXL (or XL if you don't carry XXL) t-shirt(s) to:

Rodney Blackwell
3104 O Street, Suite 316
Sacramento, CA 95816

I also review t-shirts that I have purchased, would like to purchase, or stand out in some way (either good or bad).

Get Your T-Shirt Reviewed

If you do not have a t-shirt to send and you'd still like to have your t-shirt reviewed, you can make a donation to my "T-Shirt Fund".

For a small $5 donation via PayPal I will CONSIDER your t-shirt for a review. Due to time constraints, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to publish a review on the site for every t-shirt company that makes a $5 donation. I will defintely look at your site and if one of your t-shirts catches my eye, there is a good likelihood that I will be inspired to publish a t-shirtjunkies review on the site. The t-shirts that are reviewed will be posted on the front page of and archive the review on the site for search engines to pick up on.

The published reviews will contain an image of your t-shirt with several active links that will allow users to find and purchase your t-shirt from your site or store.

The "donation" is NOT tax deductible and I am NOT a non-profit organization. I'm just hoping to earn a few extra dollars to help buy more t-shirts :) Who knows, the next t-shirt I buy could be yours! Get Reviewed!


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